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My Sarpette® M

Ergonomic. Precise. Compatible.


Finally: Tips AND pipettes from SARSTEDT

SARSTEDT introduces next-generation pipetting with the new Sarpette® M. The Sarpette® M manual piston pipette is designed for comfort, with its uniquely placed ejection button allowing for a particularly ergonomic workflow. With its user-friendly design, precise handling, and lightweight, durable construction, the Sarpette® M sets the benchmark in microliter pipettes – and is also compatible with a wide range of pipette tips.

The Sarpette® M pipette is a perfect fit for any lab with its outstanding performance at a very attractive price and is available for immediately delivery. Try it now!


Sarpette in rotation

Practical: easy volume adjustment

Ergonomic: lightweight and user friendly

Clear: large volume display

Comfortable: unique and flexible ejector position

Sophisticated design: integral calibration system 

Compatible: suitable for a wide range of pipette tips

Reliable: precise liquid intake and precision-fit cone

Two hands hold the sarpette

The pipette with the sophisticated design

  • Pipettor & pipette tip from a single source with proven SARSTEDT quality
  • Perfectly designed for a particularly ergonomic workflow
  • Precise handling and durable construction
  • Attractive price
  • Available for immediate delivery
  • Compatible with a wide range of pipette tips


My Sarpette® M –
systematic pipetting

Sarpette in use

Sarpette® M from SARSTEDT – taking pipetting to the next level

SARSTEDT has been manufacturing tailor-made, high-quality pipette tips for more than 50 years.

Based on this experience, our technical expertise, and true to the principle of: “Everything from a single source”, we have launched the new Sarpette® M with the goal of creating an especially ergonomic, highly precise microliter pipette perfectly tailored to today’s laboratory applications.

Hand covers sarpette

Ergonomic design meets practical features

The innovative position of the ejector provides particularly ergonomic operation. The wide ejection button, smooth liquid intake, and lightweight construction of the Sarpette® M support you in your workflow and help prevent work-related conditions such as RSI syndrome.

For the desired volume, turn the color-coded adjustment knob. Audible click-stops prevent unintended self-adjustment.

With the integrated calibration system, you can now calibrate your Sarpette® M yourself – quickly and safely.

Pipette made to fit

The flexible tip ejector can easily adjust to the individual height of your pipette tips with just one turn.

This means that the Sarpette® Mis compatible with a variety of longer and shorter pipette tips, even those from other manufacturers.

Compatible. Robust. Durable.

The particularly robust construction and the resulting longevity make the Sarpette® M a reliable, sustainable tool for your daily work in the laboratory.

  • Compatible with a wide range of pipette tips
  • Fully autoclavable at 121°C, extremely resistant to chemicals and UV exposure
  • Easy to disinfect,  quick to disassemble and reassemble. This makes contamination-free and safe pipetting even easier.
  • Even more efficient in combination with the revolutionary box and refilling system from SARSTEDT: Pipette tips in a practical box, as a single refill, StackPack or in a bag.

Pipette tips

Perfect Match!

The Sarpette® M is the perfect match for SARSTEDT pipette tips. These are available in a bag, a box or an economical refilling system, in three degrees of purity and in a low retention version.

All SARSTEDT pipette tips are certified and distinguished by their high degree of transparency and precision. The hydrophobic filter material prevents aerosols which arise while pipetting from contaminating pipettes and samples. 

The extensive range of geometrically optimised pipette tips, both with and without filter, is also compatible with other common pipettors (checked in accordance with DIN EN ISO 8655).

We invite you to let the quality of the Sarpette® M and the SARSTEDT pipette tips impress you without obligation.


The Sarpette® M is available as a micro-, macro- and multichannel pipette (8- and 12-channel)

Whether you need a single-channel or multi-channel pipette –there’s a Sarpette® M for every situation

In daily applications, research, diagnostics and any laboratory, the Sarpette® M product family stand out with their exceptional ease of use, comfortable handling and solid durability.

The Sarpette®is available as a micro, macro and multi-channel pipette. With any device from the Sarpette® M series, you are choosing ergonomic design and outstanding performance at an attractive price.

Ergonomic. Precise. Compatible.

Try out the Sarpette® M now with no obligation.


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